Change Management and Outplacement Support

Organisational change and restructuring has a huge impact on a business and its people before, during and after the event.

Ambiguity and uncertainty leading up to the change is a significant source of stress for employees, which often leads to productivity and performance issues and can result in counterproductive workplace behaviours and animosity toward the employer.

The negative impact of change can be reduced by helping your employees through this difficult phase by offering various types of support.

» Change and stress management workshops can help alleviate fears around change and give employees practical coping tools.

» Individual support such as CV and interview preparation for employees applying for new or restructured internal positions enables them the opportunity to put their best foot forward.

» Coaching managers in the difficult task of delivering the 'bad news' enables the messenger to manage the meeting as gently and professionally as possible.

» Individual career and transition coaching for departing employees including planning for the future, CV and interview preparation skills, job hunting strategies and dealing with the psychological impact of redundancy.

» 'Survivor' workshops for those staying in the organisation can help remaining employees work through any negative feelings associated with the change, adjust to the new organisation and refocus to a positive future.

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